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Roof Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning in Au Gres, MI

Korth Roof Colab

We got a call in early spring from a gentleman who has a cottage on the Bay of Lake Huron. Beautiful location, with amazing views. The house is surrounded by gorgeous mature trees, very old bones, but a fabulous place. We talked with the gentleman for some time on the phone as he resides out of state before making it all come together as we had to align schedules with the gardeners and window washing guys to not leave him a mess after we treated the gutters. He had moss starting to form due to the shade trees blocking the sun. This will create problems for most anything siding, gutters, roof, etc. So we nailed down a date and price and got to work. This one was a tall task, a very steep roof, and with the amount of tree cover it limited our ability to treat from the ground, so we had to physically walk the roof, which we don't prefer to do, but in certain situations we're left with no choice. It came out just as good as we expected it would. We paid him a follow-up visit when he arrived to ensure he was happy with the work performed. Here at Blue Diamond Softwash we do every job to the absolute best of our abilities and if the customer isn't happy we're not happy. Upon looking over the roof and deciding that he was indeed happy, he relayed to us that his wife would not be happy if the trees were to come down, so we informed him this would be an ongoing issue if he chose to keep the trees and that we offer a maintenance program to come back and retreat the areas to keep the moss at bay from the lack of sunshine. I have to say, happy customers such as this one are what make all of this worth it.

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