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Solar Panel Cleaning Can Help Protect & Maximize Your Solar Energy Investment

Solar panel cleaning

Home solar panel arrays are revolutionizing the way many people think about energy and many Alger-area homeowners, just like others around the country, are making the switch to solar. What many of these new solar panel owners don't realize is that solar panel cleaning is a vital asset for preserving their system's peak efficiency! As dirt and grime build up, less light gets through to the solar cells themselves. Without as much sunlight absorption, your solar panels begin to dip in efficiency and generate less electricity for you.

Solar panel cleaning is the quickest and best way to combat this issue, but it should be done with care. Our technicians are specifically trained to work with and clean solar panels, as these delicate systems need a mindful cleaning approach. We wash solar panels and similarly delicate equipment with professional care- just another reason why we're one of the best teams in the field of pressure washing for Alger and Central-Northern Michigan properties. So if you've noticed your solar panels collecting grime, or if they're not generating power as efficiently as they used to, choose the best solar panel cleaning in Alger and the Central-Northern Michigan and call Blue Diamond Softwash today! We can be reached at 989-418-1466.

PV Panel Washing

Your solar panels are more durable than you may expect. However, pressure washing them too aggressively can lead to microfractures in the glass, dropping the efficiency of your photovoltaic cells. For this reason, we steer clear of standard pressure washing when doing solar panel cleaning. Instead, we use a Tucker water de ionizer system with 15'-60' poles available longer if needed to loosen sticky grime and skootch stubborn buildup off the glass- but not enough that it puts your PV cells under duress.

We also use a mild detergent to loosen up the more resistant substances on your solar panels. It's why rain alone won't wash your solar panels clean- some stickier substances like pollen or bird droppings need a little extra coaxing off. We do that coaxing, ensuring that your solar panels are thoroughly clean by the time we're through. Many homeowners are excited and pleased to see their energy efficiency bounce back after just a single solar panel cleaning! We'd be glad to make that happen for you, too.

Try Our Other Roof Cleaning Services

Your solar panels are not the only area of your roof that needs a good cleaning from time to time. Algae growths, which present themselves as large, dark stains on shingled roofs, are terrible for asphalt shingles and should be dealt with right away. Just like with our solar panel cleaning, our roof cleaning involves the use of soft washing to safely remove messes and growth from your shingles without harming the fragile surface.

We also offer skylight cleaning for homes that have skylights, as well as gutter cleaning and brightening services to keep homes well-protected from snow and rainwater damage. Essentially, if any part of your roof's structure needs cleaning, Blue Diamond Softwash has you covered!

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