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Moss Removal from Roof in Sage Lake, MI

Gilbert roof cleaning

This was among one of our most satisfying roof cleanings to date. We arrived at our customer’s house and he was unsure of what to do, he has been dealing with this moss issue for some time now, and we get that it’s not easy to part with the few shade trees you get on a lake lot. But due to damaging roof stains and moss build-up, it’s either that or give us a call to treat it. We reassured him, as well as most in our small rural areas that this is something we can take care of and save his trees in the process. There are usually a couple of options treatment-wise for moss but, in this case, due to the amount of buildup on his roof, removal was the only one that made sense. When you get this amount of moss on your roof the sheer weight of it can be hundreds, if not into the thousands of pounds when fully saturated during winter months and the rainy spring months. So, we went with our two-stage process, in which we do a soft removal and visible roof inspection. Soft removal entails using a special soft bristle brush to lightly brush away larger chunks of moss so as to not damage the shingles and remove the granules in the process and hand pick off the bulk of the growth, and then follow it with a thorough washing with our soap and SH roof cleaning mixture that will then dwell and kill all remaining moss and other common contaminates along with protecting his roof from new growth for some period of time. The amount of work that went into this project for us was long and labor intensive but nothing beats the smile on a happy customer’s face when they see the transformation at a fraction of the cost of reroofing their home.

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